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We are both students of computer science at the TU Wien, where we started this game within the scope of the Computergraphics lab course. As we grew more excited during the developement, we allocated a lot of time into the project and managed to achieve the first rank of this year's games.

Before we introduce ourselves, we would like give our thanks to people who supported us:

Prof. Wimmer and the Course Staff

Opportunity and environment to work on this project, chocolate

Galina Paskaleva & Clemens Rögner

Tutoring, great tips on what we should and should not implement

Team Magnosphere

Insight into Transform Feedback Buffers on OpenGL 3.3

Team The Tale of the Cat

Demystification of the ffmpeg image decoding calls

Team Timmy's Tale

Great suggestions after the game events

Team Path of Enlightenment

Great suggestions after the game events

The Team

Gerald Wodni

Engine Programming, Level Loader & Compiler

Hiroyuki Sakai

Engine Programming, Physics, Artistic Content (Models, Textures & Sounds)